TOMORROW'S GREEN CENTERS will go far beyond solar panels and recharging stations as they strive to be environmentally sustainable in the future. Find out more in this month's cover story.

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Free Wi-Fi is expensive, but not providing it could be even more so.

Centers around the world are eager to tap a valuable and growing export from developing countries: The tourist.

India's landlords are partnering with foreign retailers beset by red tape.

Retail developers have played a key role in turning Dubai into a popular global tourist destination.


Saudi Arabia’s retail sector is undergoing a major growth spurt.

The home fires are burning at South Coast Collection

U.S. retail chains are unlikely to hire as many holiday employees this year as they did last year, when seasonal hiring hit a 12-year high.

Troy Jenkins and Eugene Profit are building a $150 million real estate fund.

Storenvy provides online retailers with a physical space to test their wares.

Malls outperformed neighborhood and community centers during the fourth quarter, in part due to an oversupply of space.