LANDLORDS SOMETIMES HAVE TO DO SOME DIGGING to discover tenants' true sales data. Find out more in this month's cover story.

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Shopping center owners are striving to keep up as more U.S. cities adopt energy-saving mandates similar to those enforced in Europe.

Cities, developers and retailers have made progress in bringing food stores to America’s food deserts.

Mall gift cards go digital to boost sales.

In markets where all the malls are already built, architects are switching to the business of redesign.

Africa’s surging economies, burgeoning middle classes and rapidly growing cities promise to keep retail developers busy for years.

New York City's mammoth Hudson Yards redevelopment promises to alter Manhattan’s retail landscape.

Shopping centers don’t have to spend big to make a big impact with community outreach programs.

G. Lamont Blackstone says commercial real estate organizations have yet to catch up with the military in one key area: diversity.

Talk about adaptive re-use. London’s Boxpark uses cargo containers for stores.

New York City’s iconic retail hub plans a bold comeback.

The ICSC Foundation launched a Twitter campaign to show the world all the good that malls do to raise awareness and collect funds for charity.

With their market-like retail concept, Andrea and Russell Young help small retailers get into malls.

Tattoo parlors, once shunned, are sought-after tenants these days.

Net operating income per square foot at U.S. shopping centers rose by 7.4 percent year on year in the third quarter.